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RBF Morph
An analysis of a tokamak nuclear-fusion reactor, which confines plasma at very high temperatures using superconducting magnets. The engineering challenge lies in withstanding the huge electromagnetic loads acting on the coils. A stress reduction of 36% can be achieved by reshaping the TF coils, using Ansys Mechanical, Ansys RBF Morph Structures, and optiSLang. The new design is shown in red.
Computer Aided Design

Mesh Morphing Technology Now Available in Ansys Software

RBF Morph mesh morphing technology is now built into Ansys software to allow automated shape optimization studies, helping to reduce design time.
Volvo Group
T2022 79434

This Week in Power & Motion: Volvo Begins Production of Electric Trucks with Fossil-Free Steel

Volvo begins production for heavy-duty electric trucks featuring SSAB's fossil-free steel, STLE is set to host its EV lubricant conference, Danfoss names a new Fluid Conveyance...
Courtesy of PTC, Inc.
Using Von Mises Stress simulation to determine brake caliper stress.
Computer Aided Design

From Drafter to Innovator: The Evolution of the Design Engineer

Simulation-Led Design (SLD) is advancing innovation by empowering designers with the ability to explore many more design options without adding time or cost.
Design Iq
Computer Aided Design

New Software Tools Reduce Design Time

Gates and Cadence Design Systems have introduced new software tools which help reduce design and simulation time for product development teams.