Learn by Playing with Fischertechnik Pneumatic Kits

Feb. 19, 2015
Fischertechnik kits provide instructors with the materials to build operating pneumatic apparatuses as well as a hands-on curriculum, and in the end, young aspiring engineers. They are also used in industry training.

Fischertechnik pneumatic kits give students the opportunity to produce functioning end products with real-life purposes. The kits, developed by Fischertechnik, not only build interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), but include instructional teaching guides and worksheets to help kids understand basic concepts and the interworking of components in pneumatic systems. Though the sets are geared toward students ages eight and up, other kits are available for higher-level education and industry trainees who need to learn about industrial pneumatic equipment.

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Pneumatic 3, a kit in the company’s Science and Technology Profi set, is recommended for those aged nine, but can work for older students as well. The Pneumatic 3 set allows students to build automated vehicles that use pneumatics to power model front loaders, tree-trunk grippers, and hay-bale pickers. Replete with a reliable air compressor, students can learn how pneumatics, cylinders, and manual valves operate in a system.

Another pneumatics-driven kit, the ROBO TX Electro-Pneumatic Kit, is included in the Robotics and Programming Set of Fischertechnik kits. This differs from the Profi line because it shows how electronics can control the functions of pneumatics and a pneumatic motor. It may also require some knowledge of computers and robotics, which is explained in the instructional material.

The kit includes an air compressor, a miniature motor, and solenoid valves that can be controlled with a PC. Parts and instructions are available to build a pneumatic pinball machine, a color-sorting robot, and a ball obstacle course. Students can build their own variations with the range of available components. The kit requires a ROBO TX controller, ROBO Pro Software, and an Accu Set or Energy Set, sold separately.

Finally, Fischertechnik provides two kits for higher-level education and industrial training: the Pneumatic Processing Center TX, which includes a ROBO TX controller, and the Pneumatic Processing Center kit that requires a separate PLC. The kits include one double-acting pneumatic cylinder and two single-acting cylinders, four 3/2-way magnetic valves, a dc motor, and four switches. The model can be mounted on a wooden board. There are six digital inputs and six outputs. With the set, the trainee can create a model machining center with a work piece bin, a turntable, and other features.

To purchase an electropneumatic ROBO TX kit, go to www.studica.com/Fischertechnik or www.fischertechnik.biz. Refer to the catalog for extra information about other kits, ideas for the classroom, and STEM curriculum created for the set projects! The kits are also available on Amazon.com by clicking here.

Click here to view an image gallery showing a variety of kits available from Fischertechnik.

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