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This Week in Power & Motion: RISE Robotics Licensing Angular Flat Belt Drive Technology

Feb. 23, 2024
Limited licenses are available for RISE Robotics' patented technology enabling highly loaded belts to perform at an angle, Motion acquires two fluid power companies and more industry news you may have missed.

There is much going on in the world of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric motion systems, from technology introductions and industry advancements to new trends and industry leaders. Each week the Power & Motion team collects the latest industry news to help keep our readers up to date on what's happening in the fluid power and electric motion control sectors as well as the industries they serve.

Dana Selling European Hydraulics Business

Dana Inc. plans to sell its European hydraulics business as part of efforts to evaluate its operations and product offering. HPI Group, a hydraulics business jointly held by Apogee Group and EiM Capital, will purchase the business from Dana. 

Included in the sale are operations in Italy, France and Germany which manufacture various industrial hydraulic products such as motors, pumps, valves and power packs. In addition, Dana will enter a supply agreement with HPI continuing to provide hydraulic components to Dana. 

"The sale of our European hydraulics production facilities allows us to focus on industrial system sales while having access to a broader portfolio through a supply agreement," said Jeroen Decleer, senior vice president and president, Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion Systems, in the company's press release announcing the sale. "We look forward to continuing our relationship with HPI by selling and supplying hydraulic components through Dana's global network of service and assembly centers around the globe."

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Danfoss Accepting Nominations for EnVisioneer of the Year Award

Danfoss is currently accepting entries for the 15th edition of its annual Envisioneer of the Year awards. It recognizes original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), building owners, municipalities, contractors and end users in North America who have achieved energy and environmental savings with Danfoss technology. 

Awards will be given out in multiple categories: 

  • OEM
  • End User
  • Contractor
  • Consultant
  • System Integrator.

Entries are encouraged from each of the markets the company serves. They can be for new products developed, new facilities built as well as upgrades to buildings or systems.

Applications can be submitted through July 19, 2024; they will be reviewed and selected bya  panel of third-party judges representing various disciplines.

Motion to Purchase Two Fluid Power Companies

Motion has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the operating assets of two fluid power companies — Perfetto Manufacturing and SER Hydraulics. 

Both companies are located in Subury, Canada, and are known for their engineered solutions, services and equipment for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, complex power units and other fluid power offerings. Many of these products have served the mining, agricultural and forestry industries located in the area. 

With the acquisition, Motion will be able to expand its services to customers in these and other heavy-duty industrial applications. 

“These world-class experts will be key to our market growth strategy, and we look forward to extending our position together as a premier leader in industrial solutions,” said Randy Breaux, President of GPC North America (Genuine Parts Company, of which Motion is a subsidiary), in the company's press release announcing the acquisition.

NFPA Seeks Speakers for University Fluid Power Clubs

The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) supports 20 Fluid Power Clubs at universities across the U.S. which help students learn about hydraulics and pneumatics. In these clubs students also work on educational and technical projects related to fluid power. 

NFPA is currently looking for industry representatives to speak with students participating in these clubs as part of the association's Speakers Bureau. The Speakers Bureau provides an opportunity for virtual or in-person meetings with students about fluid power. 

Per NFPA, there are several universities interested in having industry representatives come into the classroom to discuss various topics related to hydraulics and pneumatics during the Spring 2024 semester: 

  • Purdue University Northwest (Hammond, IN) – They are looking for a speaker in either hydraulic manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics, or transmission manufacturers.
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering (Milwaukee, WI) – Their fluid power club is looking for a speaker who can discuss pneumatic circuits. They are also looking to do a facility tour at a local company.
  • Tennessee State University (Nashville, TN) – This is Tennessee State’s first year joining the NFPA Fluid Power Club program. They are looking for an industry member to come and speak with their students in late March or April.
  • Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI) – The school is looking for an industry representative to speak with their Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics class of 18 students. If possible, they would like the speaker to do a 40-minute presentation on the fluid power industry and encourage students to join the Fluid Power Club and Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

Those interested in one of the speaking opportunities can contact Kyla Olson at the NFPA [email protected]

RISE™ Robotics Providing Limited Licenses on Patented Angular Flat Belt Drive Technology

RISE™ Robotics is making limited licenses available for its patent for angular flat belt drive systems. Its patent, EP 3 652 B1, relates to belt-based power transfer methods and systems enabling highly loaded belts at angles or around corners to perform better.

Per the company, a key breakthrough with its patented system is the ability to implement aggressive twist geometries with negligible reductions in service life compared to untwisted geometries. Twist ratios up to 7:1 are possible which can allow for more compact designs as well as more applications in which angular flat belt drives can be used. 

Additional features of the patent: 

  • Addresses three dominant failure modes in straight flat belts subjected to fleet angles
  • Provides methods for employing a flat belt in angular drives with twist ratios of 20:1 or less
  • Introduces complimentary fleet angles to extend service life dramatically
  • Employs thermal and pressure-sensitive methods to determine effective complimentary fleet angles

“RISE™ Technology leverages a recent advancement in materials science: the modern steel reinforced polyurethane flat belt. These belts are capable of operating at pulley interface pressures in excess of 1,400 psi for millions of bending cycles,” said RISE™ Robotics Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Blake Sessions in the company's press release announcing the patent license.

"This technology dispels the notion that highly loaded belts at angles and corners are impractical, showcasing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in mechanical engineering," added Arron Acosta, CEO of RISE™ Robotics.

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