A Slow but Steady Move Toward Electric Actuators

Nov. 27, 2023
The benefits provided by electric actuators over hydraulic and pneumatic options is increasing their adoption in a range of applications.

Several market factors are impacting the design and increased use of electric actuators in various applications, including manufacturing, medical and mobile equipment.

According to Tom Diedrichs, product manager, Actuators at Ewellix, electrification is a key driving factor for the growth of electric actuators because of the need for increased efficiency and improved energy use in electric-powered machines. “Going to an electric drivetrain and relying on batteries, you really need to optimize energy use to achieve a full day of operation on battery power,” he explained. 

Diedrichs also noted there is a general trend toward replacement of hydraulics in a variety of applications where the benefits of electric actuators, also referred to as electromechanical actuators, can be realized. These include improved efficiency and energy use, as well as increased productivity because of the possibility for better position accuracy and motion control at full speed.

He said there is a slow but very steady trend toward the use of electric actuators in place of hydraulic and pneumatics options, with varying maturity levels in different sectors. Medical, for example, is a mature market for electric actuators and has been for several years now, whereas a market such as mobile machinery is much earlier in its adoption phase for electric actuators.

In this interview with Power & Motion, Diedrichs delves further into the market factors driving the move toward electric actuators, the benefits they can provide over hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as the growth trends anticipated in the coming years.

Read the full interview with Diedrichs to learn more about electric actuator technology and how it will impact the motion control industry going forward.

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