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  • May/June 2023
  • May/June 2023

    composite: 39877997 © Lantica | Dreamstime.com; 271536936 © Oksana Sazhnieva | Dreamstime.com
    What changes to hydraulic and pneumatic components will electrification bring?

    The Impacts of Electrification on Fluid Power Systems

    May 15, 2023
    Electrification presents challenges as well as opportunities to re-evaluate and improve upon the design of hydraulics and pneumatics.
    IDEA Awards thumbnail

    2023 IDEA Awards: Help us to Spotlight Product Design Excellence

    April 27, 2023
    For the third year running, we honor the top innovations in industrial design, engineering and automation—as nominated and voted upon by you, our readers.
    Emerson; NI; Dreamstime/Mr.phonlawat Chaicheevinlikit
    Emerson has acquired NI to expand its capabilities and markets.
    Sensors & Software

    Emerson Acquires NI

    April 19, 2023
    Emerson sees value in merging NI’s test and software products with its automation technology.
    S. Jensen
    At IFPE 2023, Parker Hannifin displayed its ePTO which connects to a electrified machine's battery to power the hydraulics.

    How is Electrification Impacting Hydraulics and Pneumatics?

    April 5, 2023
    Electrification is growing in many applications, bringing a need to re-evaluate fluid power system designs.
    Hydraulics and pneumatics are forecast to weather the current recession better than other sectors.

    A “Good” Recession for Hydraulics and Pneumatics

    April 3, 2023
    Although the economy is in a mild recession, the fluid power industry and most of its customer markets are forecast to be minimally impacted.

    More content from May/June 2023

    Iris Dynamics LTD
    Increasing the number of phases in linear electric motors, like the pictured Orca from Iris Dynamics, can help to improve their efficiency.

    Improve Electric Motor Efficiency with Increased Phase Counts

    March 28, 2023
    An analysis of electric motor efficiency and how it can be improved by increasing phase counts.
    Hydraulic-pneumatic linear actuator

    Sorting Out Linear Actuators

    March 21, 2023
    A concise look at the characteristics and quirks of three common types of actuators: hydraulic, pneumatic and electric.
    Q&a Konek

    Electro-Hydraulic Systems Benefit Electrification of Heavy Machinery

    Feb. 6, 2023
    DJ O’Konek of Nott Co. discusses the growth of electrification in mobile equipment and the role electro-hydraulic systems can play in these machines.
    Danfoss Power Solutions
    Use of a parallel hybrid system architecture helped the Logset 12H GTE forest harvester reduce its fuel consumption 20-30%.

    The Road to Zero: Utilizing Electrification to Unlock New System Architectures

    Jan. 3, 2023
    High-power electric machines are opening new classes of powertrain architectures, necessitating an understanding of each type and the applications for which they are best suited...