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  • March/April 2023
  • March/April 2023

    Dreamstime/Evgeniy Parilov Yuriy Nedopekin
    Pairing hydraulics and sensors can bring a range of performance and other benefits.
    Sensors & Software

    Understanding Digitalization and its Use in Fluid Power

    March 27, 2023
    Implementation of digital technologies is increasing in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, bringing a range of benefits and the need for more industry education.
    Evgeniy Parilov/Dreamstime
    Pneumatic piston

    Matching a Pneumatic Cylinder’s Output to the Application

    March 20, 2023
    Sizing a cylinder for a specific application can be challenging, as designers need to know the actual amount of force a cylinder can supply, the internal friction the cylinder...
    Brett Engelland, Director of Sales for Electrification, and Nick Moore, Director of Product Management for Electrification at Vanguard discuss the company's Battery Technology Partnerships.

    Technology Partnerships Enable Optimized Pairing of Batteries and Fluid Power Systems

    March 7, 2023
    Vanguard's Brett Engelland and Nick Moore discuss the benefits of Battery Technology Partners to better integrate fluid power components with electrification solutions.
    Dreamstime/Steve Mann
    Hydraulic and pneumatic components have evolved over the past 75 years to become a powerful tool for transmitting power.

    The Continued Evolution of Hydraulics and Pneumatics

    March 1, 2023
    As Power & Motion enters its 75th year, our team looks to examine the ongoing advancements taking place in fluid power systems.
    Matee Nuserm/Dreamstime
    Electric motor on machine.

    Getting the Right Motor

    Feb. 28, 2023
    An extended example shows how to pinpoint the right motor after first determining the loads and inertia it will see.

    More content from March/April 2023

    Automating product quality inspections ensures clear and objective results.
    Sensors & Software

    Subjective Quality Testing is Becoming a Thing of the Past

    Feb. 21, 2023
    Automating product quality inspections ensures clear and objective results, reducing potential quality issues for manufacturers.
    Dreamstime/Ryzhov Sergey
    Updates to the NFPA Technology Roadmap will aid with future developments for axial piston pumps and other fluid power components.

    NFPA Sets Customer Drivers and Strategies for 2023 Technology Roadmap

    Feb. 8, 2023
    Key customer requirements will help determine future fluid power technology developments.
    Bosch Rexroth
    Bosch Rexroth's EDG valve is part of its compact hydraulics offering.

    Bosch Rexroth Completes HydraForce Acquisition

    Feb. 7, 2023
    HydraForce will become a part of Bosch Rexroth's compact hydraulics business.
    Frank Latino of Festo says leveraging AI and other digital technologies can bring various benefits to fluid power applications.
    Artificial Intelligence

    How to Implement AI in Fluid Power Applications

    Jan. 23, 2023
    Understanding pain points to be solved and planning ahead can help manufacturers and their customers get the most out of artificial intelligence systems.
    Adobe Stock 432822686 Loader Tracked

    Electro-Hydraulic Systems Realize Their Full Potential with IoT

    Jan. 11, 2023
    Implementation of Internet of Things technologies on mobile equipment is bringing opportunities for improvement in electro-hydraulic systems.
    Sensors & Software

    How Digital Twins Can Increase Agility and Bolster Operations

    Dec. 12, 2022
    Digital twins can provide significant efficiencies by helping to detect issues sooner, visualize more outcomes and build better products.
    Eaton Technologies GmbH
    Eaton Filter Elements Group Png
    Hydraulic Filters

    Filter Elements in Hydraulic Filtration: The Key to Efficient Hydraulics

    June 22, 2022
    Selecting the right filter for an application will ensure proper performance and efficiency of hydraulic systems.