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Customization as Main Technology Trend in Heavy-Load Material Handling

Jan. 21, 2021

Over the past year, the industrial logistics arena was forced to develop and improve in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the economic decline and lockdown challenges, innovative technology and emerging trends in industrial logistics impacted all areas of heavy-load material handling.

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Ineffectiveness becomes more risky. Outdated equipment and obsolete systems for in-house material transportation lead die- and mold-making plants together with automotive tool-and-die shops to further decline. Healthy battery-powered solutions featuring vital modernization of technology and equipment are needed in automotive tooling and power plant disassembly. Logistics robotization and smart transportation solutions are the most effective, advanced, and forward-looking solutions in heavy-load material handling customization of transportation equipment.

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The customization of heavy-load transfer carts, along with the integration of sustainable battery-powered transportation, encourages high productivity and job preservation in modern warehouses and plants. The effective use of heavy-load transporters in limited, on-site areas adhering to individual requirements for moving specific cargo is rare expertise provided by few brands in Europe and Asia. Established in 1946, Morello Giovanni pioneered the highly specialized service of offering advanced standard transporters and enhanced customization in industrial material handling.         

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Design and manufacturing customized battery-powered carts for individual projects is the key expertise of MORELLO company. High-profile certification ensures quality and maximum operational reliability in most severe operation conditions. Technological excellence is perfectly reflected in core MORELLO models of self-propelled motorized trolleys on wheels – SGAI and OMNI. While SGAI represents essential functionality and a universal, fully electric solution, OMNI demonstrates unprecedented flexibility in maneuvering with overload cargo.         

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Unmatched maneuverability using advanced hydraulic suspensions to compensate for axle load defines OMNI as an optimal match for most restricted industrial spaces. An enhanced payload with a maximum capacity of 1,000 tons and a unique modular design are blended with the most complete range of omni-directional steering types including standard 90°, diagonal, and up to 360° steering.        

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MORELLO’s focus on performance and cost-effectiveness in battery-powered trolleys includes a variety of available customization options including integration of AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) features, remote control systems, electronic traction control, and use of cart combination carts as well as a full range of scanners and sensors.

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Staying still isn’t an option. Heavy load material handling is vital for a variety of key industries from the automotive industry to the energy sector. Those who work in industrial logistics can overcome challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic by investing in technological improvements and reliable equipment.    

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