Essentra sleeves and straps extend life of hydraulic hose by keeping them from rubbing against abrasive surfaces and containing hydraulic fluid that may leak from the hose.

Bulletproof (Almost) Hose Assemblies

April 12, 2019
Hydraulic hose products are tougher than ever.

Hydraulic hose products are tougher than ever. Manufacturers now offer a wide variety of wear- and abrasion-resistant cover materials that also resist damage from chemicals, heat, and sunlight. But providing more protection in some of the most demanding applications can extend hose life even further. That’s where hose sleeves come in.

Hose sleeves provide an extra level of protection from ambient conditions that can cause premature failure of hose. In some cases, as with hose protection sleeves from Essentra Components, Erie, Pa., this barrier can also help protect personnel. If small leaks occur in a high-pressure hose, Essentra sleeves help contain the leak. Mine-Safety Approved TSL is made of a Polyamide 6, a tough, thermoplastic fabric that is dense enough to contain oil, yet lightweight. The TSL easily slides over hose assemblies, whereas the TQS series has a hook-and-loop seam that is well suited for field installation and adjustment.

Also offered are Nylon-22 cinch straps and hanging cinch straps. Cinch straps act as a belt for bundling hoses together, and the hanging version has a grommet so one or more hoses can be supported from or attached to an adjacent structure. Delrin or Nickel-plated steel buckles with hook-and-loop fasteners allow just enough tension to hold the hose assembly securely. When secured to a structure, the hanging version can also be used as an adjustable alternative to hose clamps.

For more information on hose protection products from Essentra Components call (800) 847-0486 or visit the company's website.

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