It’s bigger in Texas

April 15, 2011
WasteExpo and the Fluid Power Conference & Expo head south to Dallas for the largest waste reduction event on the continent.

Edited by Mary C. Gannon
Senior Associate Editor

Attendees at last year’s Waste Expo enjoy all that it has to offer as they walk the show floor.

Now in its 43rd year, WasteExpo will return to the Dallas Convention Center May 9-11, highlighting the latest trends, technologies and products that help waste reduction professionals do their job more effectively and efficiently.

WasteExpo, North America’s largest event serving the solid waste and recycling industry, features more than 500 exhibitors showcasing the latest equipment and technologies the industry has to offer.

The event includes 40 conference sessions and training workshops led by industry experts on current topics such as recycling, municipal hauling, alternative energy systems — including hydraulic hybrids — and financial growth. Co-locating conferences provide the specific, critical information

the waste industry needs. The Fluid Power Conference & Expo will offer a variety of topics on hydraulic fundamentals, symbols, circuits, schematics, and troubleshooting. More details can be found in the sidebar on the following page.

The Healthcare Waste Conference (formerly the Medical Waste Conference) is an industry-recognized educational event that focuses on the largest regulatory, legislative and technical issues that affect the healthcare waste business.

Finally, the Waste Training Institute is an industry-specific business training initiative designed to help employees in small-, medium- and large-waste services companies run their businesses more effectively.

Networking opportunities include the WasteExpo Welcome Reception at Gilley’s Dallas, Lunch and Learn Discussions, the EIA’s Awards Breakfast, and the Environmental Research and Education Foundation’s (EREF) Equipment Auction.

The event has a large international following, and attendees can learn more from the global waste community. Last year, Waste- Expo welcomed participants from 64 countries, who came to share ideas with a global community.

The event is sponsored by Waste Age magazine and the Environmental Industry Associations (NSWMA and WASTEC). Thirty-four allied publications and organizations also participate in WasteExpo.

Anyone involved in waste management, whether from a private or public sector waste management company, or a manufacturer or supplier, from the US or abroad, will find the event useful and informative.

For the latest show information and to register, please visit

Technical training headlines Fluid Power Conference & Expo

For the past five years, we have been helping system designers, engineers, and technicians learn more about the technology they use with our Fluid Power Conference & Expo. Our first 2011 edition takes place at WasteExpo, as hydraulics are used extensively in waste reduction vehicles and machinery.

Hydraulics provides the power to crush cars, shred tires, rip appliances apart, grind stumps, turn trees into sawdust, pulverize rocks into gravel, squeeze plastic, wood, and paper into compact bales, and more.

The Fluid Power Conference & Expo focuses on basic hydraulic knowledge. A complete schedule is below. All sessions are presented by Robert J. (Bob) Sheaf from CFC-Solar, except where noted. Sheaf holds more than ten different certifications by the International Fluid Power Society.

The next Fluid Power Conference & Expo is slated for October 25-26 in Cleveland. Visit for more details and registration information.

Monday, May 9
8:30 to 10:00 - Introduction to Hydraulics 1:
Advantages of hydraulics; system operation; flow, pressure, speed, force, and torque; major components — pumps, valves, conductors, actuators, filters, fluids, reservoirs; symbology (reading schematics) and component interactions. 10:30 to 12:00 - Introduction to Hydraulics 2: Discrete, proportional, and servo control; directional, pressure, and flow-control circuits; energy-saving circuits; pump controls; electronic controls and sensors; hydrostatic drives; contamination and filtration.

1:00 to 2:30 - Hydraulic Components & Systems 1: A more in-depth discussion of hydraulic components, circuits, controls, and their interactions, with emphasis on contamination control to improve system reliability and reduce machine downtime and operating costs.

3:00 to 4:30 - Hydraulic components & Systems 2: Additional discussion of hydraulic components, circuits, controls, and their interactions, with emphasis on system and component troubleshooting and predictive and preventive maintenance to get more work out of equipment.

Tuesday, May 10
8:30 to 10:45 - Hydraulics in Mobile Equipment:
Just about any heavy equipment that moves relies on hydrostatic drives. This session explores the operation of hydrostatic and implement drives on excavators, dozers, loaders, and specialized mobile equipment, such as shredders, crushers, and grinders.

11:00 to 12:00 - Hydraulic Vane Pumps in Waste Truck Applications: Hydraulic vane pumps are used extensively on waste removal vehicles. This session covers Vickers type V10 and V20 medium-pressure pumps used in steering, fan drives, locking and implements; and Veljan high pressure vane pumps used in packing, lifting and implements. It will discuss the durability and efficiency these pumps offer to waste vehicles as well as common circuitry, repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips.

Presented by Joan Armstrong, Hydraulic Engineer, Western FluiDyne and Garry Jansen, Vice President, VELJAN.

2:00 to 4:15 - Hydraulics in Stationary Equipment: Hydraulics is essential to the operation of balers, shredders, crushers, grinders, conveyors and other equipment used in waste disposal and recycling. This session examines some of the hydraulic circuits used in these powerful machines.

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