Meet the MIT-PITT-RW Indy Autonomous Challenge Team

Feb. 13, 2023
Students from MIT, University of Pittsburgh, Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Waterloo collaborate to develop a fully autonomous race car for the Indy Autonomous Challenge.

This video originally appeared on Electronic Design.

During CES 2023, Bill Wong of Electronic Design, an affiliate publication of Power & Motion, had the opportunity to speak with members of the the combined MIT, University of Pittsburgh, Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Waterloo team (MIT-PITT-RW) competing in the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC)

IAC is a program for university students around the world which provides them the opportunity to develop an autonomous race car which is then tested in competitions throughout the year. Students are involved in all aspects of the team, not just the programming or dealing with the hardware. 

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The most recent competition was held during CES 2023. Competitions typically operate via elimination races with a pair of cars in a passing challenge. One car passes the other and then it's repeated. The cycle is repeated once again with both cars speeding up by 10 miles per hour. This is done until one car can't complete its pass often due to a car losing control or having another race-related issue.

For the race held at CES 2023, the new AV-21 autonomous race car was utilized and equipped with the ROS 2—the Robot Operating System

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