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This Week in Power & Motion: IAA Transportation 2022 Puts Focus on Electrification

Sept. 23, 2022
New technologies and vehicles launched at IAA Transportation demonstrate the growing shift toward electrification in the commercial vehicle segment.

There is much going on in the world of fluid power and motion control, from technology introductions and industry advancements to new trends and industry leaders. Each week the Power & Motion team collects some of the latest industry news to help keep our readers up to date on what's happening in the industries in which they work.

This week we have another trade show focused edition, but one which is solely centered around the IAA Transportation event which took place in Hanover, Germany. Formerly known as IAA Commercial Vehicles, this biennial event highlights the key technologies and trends in the transportation sector. 

Show organizers renamed the event to better reflect the breadth of markets covered  logistics, commercial vehicles, buses and transportation — and provide companies the opportunity to network with leading technology providers which will now be a part of this international event. A goal for the new show concept is to have more of a focus on climate-neutral and technological transformations taking place across the entire transportation industry organizers stated in a press release announcing the name and concept change

Electrification in particular has grown in this segment in recent years as battery and other technology has matured and manufacturers have been able to develop vehicles providing ROI (return on investment) benefits. While there are still challenges to overcome, such as charging infrastructure, the heavy-duty on-road sector is well on its way to becoming more electrified as news from the 2022 show helps to demonstrate. 

Seeing what is taking place in the transportation sector will benefit fluid power and other component manufacturers who serve this market, ensuring they stay current on trends and industry needs. 

T/CCI Introducing First 850V Electric Compressor

During IAA Transportation, compressor technology company T/CCI Manufacturing debuted its first 850V electric compressor. The compressor is designed for vehicle cab and battery cooling and is available in four versions — 34cc, 46cc, 60cc, and 120cc. 

"As recently as 2 years ago, the commercial market was struggling to find the right specifications both mechanically and electrically. We were getting requests for everything from 24V to 800V," said Richard Demirjian, President of T/CCI Manufacturing, in the company's press release announcing its appearance at IAA Transportation. "By listening to customers and understanding their needs, TCCI has focused on innovation around the 400V and 850V products, which are poised to usher in a new era of commercial battery electric vehicles."

Higher voltage systems are becoming more common in commercial vehicles as they enable faster charging times and increased efficiency in many cases, driving the need for more components which can work with these systems. T/CCI exhibited various other compressor technologies at the show as well. 

Schaeffler Developing High-Voltage Electronics for Commercial Vehicles

Schaeffler displayed for the first time new high-voltage electronic components designed to aid electrification of heavy-duty on-highway vehicles.

Products the company has developed include a family of oil-cooled electric motors which scalable and robustly designed for use in commercial vehicle applications. According to Schaeffler, the oil cooling system enables efficiency over 97% and a continuous drive power output of up to 300 kW. Use of wave winding technology in the stators enable the electric motors to achieve high power densities.

The company has also developed power electronics units tailored for commercial vehicles. They are designed for voltages up to 850V and will benefit OEMs developing electric-powered vehicles. 

Based on silicon carbide technology, the power electronics units are able to meet the needs of commercial vehicle applications by enabling higher switching frequencies and improved heat dissipation. Schaeffler said these benefits help to improve overall efficiency of the electric powertrain which is an essential aspect for electrification to succeed. 

Schaeffler exhibited solutions aiding temperature control for drive systems and batteries, as well, due to the importance of thermal management in electric vehicles and the company's expertise in this area. These technologies include a smart valve regulator for decentralized coolant management which is able to manage individual coolant flows for the battery, power electronics, motor or transmission. 

Eaton's Royal Power Solutions Exhibiting Electronic Components

Eaton acquired Royal Power Solutions (RPS), a provider of electrical connectivity components, early in 2022; products from RPS will be used in Eaton's eMobility business and are now available for commercial vehicle manufacturers. As such, the company displayed its various solutions at IAA Transportation.  

RPS develops terminals, connectors and other electronic components capable of handling current levels up to 500 amps which is beneficial for heavier duty electric vehicles which typically use higher voltages. 

Among the products on display were the specialized High Power Lock Box (HPLB) power connectors which can help to reduce common warranty issues said Eaton in its press release announcing its presence at the show. The connectors provide a plug-and-play option with a small footprint to help reduce weight and space claim. They are also durably designed to ensure longevity. 

A unique feature Eaton points out about the HPLB is the use of an inverted contact system instead of the traditional male-to-female terminal connection. This provides improved contact force as temperatures increase to create a stronger connection said Eaton. 

ZF Exhibits eMobility Solutions

ZF also highlighted various electric vehicle solutions at IAA Transportation, further demonstrating the continued growth of electrification in commercial vehicles and other heavy-duty applications. The company's Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division — the result of its acquisition of WABCO in 2020 — presented a variety of eMobility technologies including the new CeTrax 2 electric central drive, the new Electric Power Steering system and the eWorX electrified PTO.

Each of these systems will benefit OEMs developing electric-powered commercial vehicles. The CeTrax 2, for instance, is an integrated e-drive system featuring two oil-cooled electric motors and two 800V inverters. ZF says the integrated design of the CeTrax 2 allows OEMs quickly electrify existing vehicle platforms and provide the high power and torque necessary for heavy-duty on-road vehicles. 

The new Electric Power Steering (EPS) benefits the move to electrification as well while also aiding development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and eventually fully autonomous operation. ZF said in its press release announcing the company's presence at IAA, for the EPS it replaced the hydraulic pump with an integrated electric motor which makes the steering system independent of the vehicle's drivetrain and removes the need for hydraulic fluid. As a result, the system supports industry sustainability as well as making this technology a seamless fit for electric vehicle architectures.

ZF has also announced plans to attend bauma, the world's largest construction and mining industry event which is set to take place in October. There the company will highlight various eMobility solutions as well geared toward heavy-duty off-road equipment applications. Among those will be the eTRAC electric drive system featuring electric motors available in three voltage options.  

READ MORE about the technology ZF and other companies will at exhibit at bauma 2022

Iveco Group Presents Fuel Cell and Other Electrification Technologies

Iveco Group and its brands IVECO, IVECO BUS and FPT Industrial showed the group's latest advancements in e-mobility. This included internal developments as well as those with partner companies. 

For instance, IVECO and Nikola Corp. announced the commercial launch of the Nikola Tre Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) in its European configuration. They also unveiled the beta version of the Nikola Tre Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) which is scheduled to enter the European market in 2024. The companies first began working together in 2019 to help advance development of Nikola's battery and fuel cell powered trucks. 

These initial vehicles feature ranges of 500 km (for the BEV) and 800 km (for the FCEV). The BEV includes nine batteries with a total energy storage capacity up to 738 kWh and includes an electric axle from FPT Industrial which provides the power and torque necessary for heavy-duty trucking applications. Meanwhile the FCEV can accommodate about 70 usable kilograms of hydrogen at 700 bar and a refueling time of under 20 minutes. 

Also launched at the show was a prototype eDAILY FCEV powered by a fuel cell system developed by Hyundai. The companies began working together in March 2022 on electric vehicle and other alternative power source options. In July they introduced an IVECO BUS powered by Hyundai's fuel cell system. The new eDAILY FCEV is powered by a 90 kW hydrogen fuel cell and 140 kW electric motor which helps provide a driving range of 350 km. 

Iveco's FPT Industrial brand introduced engines capable of running on natural gas, hydrogen or a mix of both, a new generation of electric axles for heavy-duty applications as well as a new battery pack for buses. 

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