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HED's next generation of sunlight readable displays can be customized to meet information and stylization needs, such as the ability to mount them in landscape or portrait configurations.

HED Releases Next Generation of Sunlight Readable Displays

Jan. 27, 2023
The newest generation of displays allows easy customization of critical system and machine performance data.

HED Inc. has introduced a new generation of rugged, sunlight readable displays for mobile equipment. The displays are available in 5-, 7-, 12- and 15-in. sizes and feature an array of interface options. 

Key features of the next-generation displays include: 

  • 1,000 nit IPS display with optically bonded AR lens
  • in-cab and external mounting options
  • open Linux-based operating system for programming tool options
  • enables multiple applications and interfaces with different vehicle communications. 

Optimized Visibility of Machine Data

The new generation of HED displays feature optically bonded AR lenses which helps to optimize sunlight visibility for machine operators. Sealing to an IP67 rating ensures the displays can withstand use in harsh operating environments, whether mounted in a machine cab or externally. 

An edge-to-edge glass design allows flush mounting for a seamless dashboard appearance as well as other styling preferences. HED's displays can show multiple gauges, bar graphs and other forms of data from machine systems simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple mechanical gauges.

Various interface options are available including: 

  • multiple video inputs,
  • CAN,
  • ethernet,
  • Bluetooth and
  • WIFI.

The displays' open Linux-based operating system allows customers to utilize their preferred programming tools such as Crank, Qt and CODESYS, making integration quick and easy. 

"OEMs can quickly and easily develop custom display screens to show and process all critical system parameters using video, gauges, icons and more to simplify functionality so vehicle operators and drivers can keep their eyes on the most important tasks at hand," stated Paul Ludwig, President & CEO of HED, in the company's press release announcing the launch of the new generation displays.

HED is debuting the displays at CONEXPO/IFPE 2023 and anticipates shipping of the 5- and 7-in. displays in the second quarter of 2023. Shipping of the 12- and 15-in. displays is expected in the fourth quarter. 

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