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Instrument helps give your hydraulic system a physical

June 10, 2008
The Flo-Check USB hydraulic system analyzer has Windows-compatible software for evaluating flow, pressure, temperature, and power readings. The Flo-tech division of Racine Flow Meter Group, Racine, Wis., introduced the Flo-Check ...
The Flo-Check USB hydraulic system analyzer has Windows-compatible software for evaluating flow, pressure, temperature, and power readings.

The Flo-tech division of Racine Flow Meter Group, Racine, Wis., introduced the Flo-Check USB hydraulic system analyzer. Representing the next generation of hydraulic test equipment, the Flo-Check USB simultaneously measures flow, pressure, temperature, and power of a hydraulic system. Data is received from the analyzer through a standard USB cable and is displayed and logged through a custom Microsoft Windows-based software application (software and cable are included). The unit is bi-directional and includes a low-resistance load valve and internal pressure relief discs.

The Flo-Check USB can be used as a stationary or portable tester and is ideal for testing, troubleshooting, and diagnosing service issues for any piece of hydraulic equipment — such as front-end loaders, excavators, etc. — and for setting hydraulic components, including pumps, valves, and motors. Flow, pressure, and temperature sensors are monitored by a data acquisition module that records the operating parameters of the system and transfers them to the user’s laptop via a USB port.

Powered through the USB connection, the Flo-Check is easy to set up and portable. Interfaced to the PC application, the Flo-Check USB offers a straightforward method of monitoring system parameters complete with data acquisition and can be set for continuous measurement, controlled start/stop measurement, or up to 12 hr of continuous data logging. It has an accuracy rating of ±1% of reading and field-selectable US or metric readings.

In addition to displaying and logging data in a real-time graphical measurement, the customized software features the ability to set alarms. With three sets of high/low alarm indicators monitoring flow, pressure, and temperature, a user is able to set defined parameters for hydraulic system operation. If the high or low alarm point is breached, a visual alarm indicator is triggered and the incident is logged in a data file.

Furthermore, the Flo-Check USB works well in measuring hydraulic system efficiency over time. When conducting regular system maintenance, the Flo-Check can be used to log baseline performance. Over time, this information can identify any trends toward a potential system failure and allow for a corrective action before experiencing a more costly breakdown and repair. All data are saved as a .csv or comma separated value file, making it easy to export into most spreadsheets.

Another benefit of the new Flo- Check USB is its highly responsive sensing performance, especially on the pressure sensor. The pressure sensor captures pressure spikes to 10,000 psig combined with a 0.2- msec response time, enabling the unit to detect split-second pressure anomalies. This results in a better overall diagnostic tool, picking up on potential serious hydraulic problems that other analyzers may miss.

For more information, call (800) 433-5263, or visit www.flo-tech.com.

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