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JR Merritt Controls Inc. offers a broad range of precision-engineered joysticks and operator armchair systems developed for long life, high durability and ease of operation. Joystick models range from compact finger-operated to heavy mill duty controllers. Handles include standard ball, cap, push-button and mechanical interlock handles, as well as multi-function fighter grips, rocker handles, "T" handles and electronic passive deadman controls. Operator armchair systems and seats range from f...


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J.R. Merritt Controls
Faceplates with buttons, thumbwheels or rocker switches are among the customizable options on the Merritt Evolve joystick.
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J.R. Merritt Controls Debuts Joystick Offering Customization Capabilities

Jan. 27, 2023
The Merritt Evolve joystick allows customization of faceplates, control outputs and more to meet specific application requirements.