New Walvoil Technology Improves Hydraulics Efficiency in Mobile Machinery

July 27, 2022
Pairing the updated version of Walvoil's Adaptive Load Sensing system with its new EPX Series directional control valves provides opportunities to greatly reduce energy use in construction equipment and other heavy machinery applications.

Walvoil, part of the Interpump Group, has introduced two new technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of hydraulic systems and components used in heavy-duty off-road equipment. The first is an update to its Adaptive Load Sensing (ALS) system which can help to reduce energy consumption and dissipation. 

ALS provides software and electronic control for hydraulic pumps and valves to help increase their precision which leads to improved operation and efficiency. It allows for electronic flow sharing and flow on demand functionalities, as well, which can aid efficiency of heavy machinery. 

The company has also introduced the new EPX Series of directional control valves. These electro-proportional valves utilize meter out compensation technology to recover and reuse otherwise wasted energy. 

By bringing these technologies together, there is the potential to reduce energy consumption by over 20% the company states in its press release announcing the launch of the new products. Doing so can greatly benefit heavy equipment OEMs who are consistently looking for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of their machines. 

These efficiency gains will also benefit manufacturers developing electric-powered equipment as efficiency is particularly important in those applications to ensure minimal power draw from various systems and components which could otherwise drain the batteries too quickly. 

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The company plans to exhibit these new technologies during bauma 2022, one of the largest trade shows for the construction and mining industries taking place in October. 

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