Sustainability, Education and Testing Important to Hallite’s Seal Development

March 6, 2023
Hallite discusses the factors playing an important role in its continued development efforts for fluid power seals.

Over the course of its 100 years in business, Hallite has continued to bring new seal technology to the market for use in fluid power systems. To do so, the company focuses on delivering meaningful innovation, said Flavia Richards, global marketing director at Hallite. 

“This means that our new product development and introductions are very much designed and developed in partnership with our customers and in response to very tangible needs of the industry,” she said. 

The company works closely with its customers to ensure solutions are developed which meet their specific application needs. In addition, Hallite understands the importance of various industry trends–such as the increasing focus on sustainability, which is driving not only product development but also initiatives within Hallite’s own operations. 

Power & Motion recently spoke with Richards and Andrew Iddeson, global technical director at Hallite, about how sustainability, education and testing are helping drive development of seal technology for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

READ our full interview with Flavia Richards and Andrew Iddeson from Hallite for more on hydraulic seal trends and development efforts

Hallite will exhibit at IFPE 2023, showcasing a range of its seal products. Visit our IFPE channel for more content related to the year's largest fluid power and motion control event.

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