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There will be a range of new fluid power technologies on display at IFPE 2023.

Are You Ready for IFPE 2023?

Feb. 15, 2023
Follow our tips to ensure you get the most out of your time at the year's largest event for the fluid power and motion control industries.

In just a few short weeks the fluid power and construction industries will descend upon Las Vegas for the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE) and the co-located CONEXPO-CON/AGG. These triennial events bring together the latest construction equipment, components and more for one of the economy's most vital industries — particularly today with the focus on global infrastructure improvements. 

Since the last show 3 years ago, there have been many technology advancements in fluid power and motion control as well as the machinery in which these technologies are used, so there will be a lot to see over the course of the week. And with CONEXPO & IFPE 2023 set to be the largest yet, proper planning and organization will be even more vital. 

The 2023 edition will be my fifth, which is hard to believe. Over the years I feel I've gotten a good sense for how best to traverse the show, but after each one I still feel there are things I may have missed or could have done better. While no event experience will be perfect, there are certainly steps which can be followed to help ensure a successful trade show visit. 

So to help our readers prepare for one of the year's biggest events for the fluid power and motion control industries, I've pulled together some tips for a successful CONEXPO & IFPE based on my own experiences as well as advice recently put together by the show's organizers the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA).  

Get Organized

Planning your time at CONEXPO & IFPE, and doing so as early as possible, is probably one of the most important pieces of advice I can provide. It is a big show with a lot to see; AEM reports there will be over 1,800 companies exhibiting across more than 2.7 million sq. ft.

By planning where you want to go and on what days, as well as coordinating meetings early, you can have a better chance of seeing everything and everyone you want during your time at the show. Of course you won't be able to get to everything, but proper planning will help to ensure the bulk of your time is well spent. 

The exhibitor directory on the event's website is a great place to start with the planning as it allows you to easily search for exhibitors by name or keyword as well as by technology or equipment categories. Maps of the floor plans are also available on the directory page and a great way to get a feel for the layout of the show and the types of exhibitors located in the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). 

Knowing where exhibitors are located will be important to your planning to ensure you give yourself enough time to get from one booth or hall to the next. Try to coordinate any appointments in the same hall or part of the convention center if possible — believe me when I say having a meeting in South Hall followed by one in North Hall then going back to South Hall for another is not an efficient use of your time. It takes longer than you would expect to travel between booths and halls, so be sure to give yourself plenty of travel time. 

To help our readers find some of the exhibitors outside of IFPE which may be applicable to visit, we've pulled together our own handy guide to those companies and their location around the show.

Also be sure to check out the educational sessions; while there are a lot of great things to see on the show floor there are some great opportunities to learn about technologies and trends during these sessions as well. 

And one key tip in getting yourself prepared for the show is remembering not to overschedule yourself. Leave time to eat something, sit for a little bit and just wander the show floor to check out what there is and technology you may not have otherwise had a chance to learn about. 

Bring Comfortable Footwear

Possibly the second most important part of having a successful show is to wear comfortable shoes. Pack an extra pair if you can too so you can alternative between them. Because I cannot stress enough, but will try to for the last time, this show is BIG.

There will be a lot of time spent on your feet, standing in one place and walking between the various it is important to wear shoes that are comfortable to be in for several hours a day, multiple days during the week. And they should be shoes you can actually walk at a decent pace in. It can be difficult to find comfortable dress shoes, so if you don't already own some start looking now. 

In conjunction, if you know you'll need to carry around anything while walking the show floor be sure to bring a bag you feel comfortable carrying for several hours as well. A few years ago I made the switch to a backpack for larger events like IFPE and it was the best decision. Again, you'll be on your feet a lot throughout the day and if you're carrying things, you want to do so in a comfortable manner. Shoulder bags are nice, but they can start to hurt your shoulder after a few hours whereas as backpack helps to distribute the weight on both shoulders and has seriously made my trade show life easier. 

And in that bag, be sure to pack essentials like snacks, a water bottle and an external battery charger; these items will definitely come in handy for a long day at the show. If you'll be in any of the outdoor lots, include sunglasses and sunscreen in that bag too.  

Visit our dedicated IFPE channel to find all relevant news, technology launches, interviews and more related to the show. 

Take Advantage of Networking Events

One of the best parts of attending trade shows in person, beyond seeing technology and equipment first hand, is meeting others in the industry. Events like CONEXPO & IFPE are a great opportunity to not only see those people you already know but also meet new people. 

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A good way to do this is to partake in the various networking and other events taking place during the show. On Wednesday, March 15 the NFPA will be hosting the Fluid Power Hour Networking Reception from 4-6 p.m. on the IFPE show floor which is the upper level of South Hall. Food, drinks and entertainment will be provided among the various booths, offering an opportunity to meet with others in the fluid power and motion control industry in a more casual manner. 

And if you're interested in meeting with the Power & Motion team, we'll be hosting an ice cream social just prior to the NFPA's reception from 2-4 p.m. on March 15 at our booth in the South Hall lobby, SL80130. Stop by to grab a cool treat, say 'hi', and let us know what you want to see in the publication. 

Know Your Transportation Options

Knowing how to get to and from the Las Vegas Convention Center as well as ways to get around the event is key. The Las Vegas Monorail provides an easy way to get around much of the strip and has a drop off spot right at the convention center. Several hotels have stops directly connected or very close by. This monorail map is a helpful guide to those hotel stations. 

According to AEM, the best stops to use for getting to the show include: 

  • Boingo Station at LVCC – Pick-up/drop-off in the Silver Lot, Closest stop to South Hall
  • Westgate Station – Pick-up/drop-off in Westgate, For registration + badge pick-up
  • SAHARA Station – Pick-up/drop-off in the SAHARA Hotel, Closest stop to the Festival Grounds 

In addition to the monorail, there are free hotel shuttles running from several of the show hotels directly to the convention center. You can download the full shuttle schedule from the CONEXPO website. AEM notes in its tips for attending the show that if using the hotel shuttles it is important to be aware of the drop off and pick-up locations which are denoted in the shuttle schedule. 

At the convention center there are also various ways to more easily get around, especially if traveling between lots and halls that are farther away from one another. These include express shuttles connecting the outdoor lots and a campus shuttle which travels the perimeter of the show. New for the 2023 show is the LVCC Loop, the underground transportation system using Tesla vehicles which makes stops at South Hall, and the Silver and Diamond Lots.

AEM has pulled together a full list of transportation options, with links to routes, pick-up and drop-off locations, advice for using ride share services and more. 

Enjoy Your Time in Vegas

Although your trip to Las Vegas is for work, it's important to find some time to relax after show hours and enjoy yourself while there if possible. At the very least, you need to find somewhere to eat. 

Las Vegas is known for good restaurants, shows and a variety of other aspects (beyond the gambling of course). To help CONEXPO & IFPE attendees make the most of their time in Vegas, AEM has pulled together a list of attractions, restaurants and sightseeing opportunities. The dining and a stroll down Fremont are my personal favorites when in Vegas. 

And if you haven't yet registered for the show, you can use the code MEDIA20 for a 20% discount on your badge through March 13. 

We want to hear from you!

What are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's CONEXPO & IFPE? Are there any key technologies or trends you anticipate seeing while there? What are your tips for a successful show?

Let us know! Email me at [email protected] or reach out to us on social media

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Sara Jensen is technical editor of Power & Motion, directing expanded coverage into the modern fluid power space, as well as mechatronic and smart technologies. She has over 15 years of publishing experience. Prior to Power & Motion she spent 11 years with a trade publication for engineers of heavy-duty equipment, the last 3 of which were as the editor and brand lead. Over the course of her time in the B2B industry, Sara has gained an extensive knowledge of various heavy-duty equipment industries — including construction, agriculture, mining and on-road trucks —along with the systems and market trends which impact them such as fluid power and electronic motion control technologies. 

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