vehicles and components on display at The Work Truck Show

New Technologies on Display at Work Truck Week 2024

March 4, 2024
A range of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric technologies, as well as new vehicle designs, will be highlighted during Work Truck Week 2024.

Work Truck Week has become the largest event in North America dedicated to the work truck industry — a key segment of the overall trucking industry and user of fluid power systems. 

Comprised of the Green Truck Summit and The Work Truck Show, this annual event brings together the latest vehicles and technologies for the work truck sector. A number of companies which supply hydraulic and pneumatic solutions to this industry will be exhibiting as well as companies developing products to aid with electrification. 

The week kicks off March 5 with the Green Truck Summit, a single day conference focused on current and future alternatives to diesel. Throughout the day presenters will offer their insights into how they are utilizing electric-powered and alternatively fueled trucks, new technology designs, and more. 

Padoan Exhibiting Hydraulic Tanks and Reservoirs

Padoan SRL, a developer of oil, diesel and combined tanks for industrial vehicles and machines, plans to showcase its veraious hydraulic tank and reservoir products for the work truck sector during Work Truck Week.

Among them will be its slim TLINE 85/18 hydraulic tank/reservoir which is just 7.1 in. deep, helping to save on installation space. It features a 39-52.8 gal. capacity and a shock absorber mounting kit for upgraight installation behind the cab of a vehicle, further aiding its slim profile. 

Additional features include: 

  • a 5 in. sight temperature gauge
  • 1 in. breather vent connection
  • lower suzie plate for cables.

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DEL Hydraulics Introducing Interlock System for PTOs

DEL Hydraulics Inc., a manufacturer of pneumatic controls for mobile applications, is introducing its DEL Interlock System for PTO applications. It is designed to prvent unintentional usge of a truck's PTO system.

The interlock system ties into a truck's 4-way flasther light circuit enabling the PTO to only engage if the flashers are running. This helps to improve safety in various applications. In addition, it can prevent early PTO and pump failure which reduces unplanned downtime for truck owners. 

DEL Hydraulics' system can be retrofitted into exsiting vehicles or installed by an OEM or upfitter.

Vanair Debuting New Underdeck Power System

Vanair, a developer of mobile power systems such as air compressors, engine starters and hydraulic solutions, plans to debut its newest technology for the work truck industry — a PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck All-in-One Power System.

It is designed to integrate beneath a vehicle's chassis, minimizing installation space for more carbo capacity and vehicle efficiency. Six forms of power are provided by the new system: 

  • 125-185 CFM Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • 10 kW Generator 
  • 330A Welder
  • 12/24V Battery Boosting 
  • 12/24V Battery Charging 
  • Up to 30 GPM at 2,000 psi of Hydraulic-Driven Power.

This multi-power capability enables the underdeck system to be used instead of six separate pieces of equipment on a work truck to meet various application requirements. Minimizing the equipment needed on a truck not only reduces installation space and overall vehicle weight but also maintenance while improving maneuverability and hitch availability.

Eaton Introducing New PTO and Hydraulic Control Valves

Eaton's Mobility Group will showcase new technologies from its distribution partners Bezares and APSCO. 

Three new Bezares power takeoff (PTO) units will be introduced during The Work Truck Show, the 3960, 2500 and 500 series. Each suits various commercial vehicle applications: 

  • 3960 Series: This PTO fits the unique design of the Ford Super Duty TorqShift 10-speed automatic transmission. A robust low-profile housing minimizes vehicle interference and allows for quicker and easier installation. A DIN 5462 output shaft and special output adapters provide versatility and allow for mounting of high-pressure pumps directly to the PTO. 
  • 2500 Series: This PTO was developed to meet the growing demand for low-speed PTOs compatible with Eaton Cummins’ Endurant HD, Endurant XD and Endurant XD Pro series transmissions. It is optimized for product pumping applications, including thinner liquids such as fuels, solvents and petrochemicals, and thicker liquids such as residual fuels and resins. 
  • 500 Series: This hot-shift, 8-bolt, 2-gear PTO fits Paccar TX-8 and ZF 8AP automatic transmissions. It features quick, pneumatic shifting and has a low profile designed for a better fit. It can be ordered with a variety of output types including ISO 4 bolt and SAE “B” 2/4 and can be configured to mount to either side of the transmission.

Meanwhile, two APSCO directional hydraulic control valves will also be introduced — the APV and APG. Both are interchangeable with the Parker/Commercial VA and VG series and Parker/Gresen hydraulic valve product lines commonly used in the industry.

Per Eaton, the valves can be used in parallel/open center circuit applications with manual, cable shift or pneumatic operation, and can be purchased as individual components or designed into a custom-engineered and tested valve assembly.

Ride & Drive Provides Opportunity to Test Out New Technology

A unique part of Work Truck Week is its Ride & Drive event which provides attendees the chance to try out new vehicle and technology designs. Over 19 vehicles will be available to ride in or drive, providing a first-hand look at how these vehicles work with the goal of helping better determine future fleet purchases. 

Available vehicles will include all-electric vans, trucks and chassis, as well as internal combustion vehicles featuring advanced technology to improve fuel utilization and reduce greenhouse gases or particulate matter. 

Some of the vehicles available for the Ride & Drive include: 

  • Battle Motors fully electric City Tractor
  • Blue Arc Class 3/4 electric commercial delivery vehicle
  • Truck equipped with Cummins B6.7 Octane gasoline engine
  • Freightliner Custom Chassis all-electric MT50e Class 5 walk-in van chassis
  • International eMV Series 25,999-lb. non-CDL GVWR vehicle
  • Kenworth T480 Class 8 truck featuring PACCAR TX-12 Pro automated transmission
  • Lion6 all-electric Class 6 urban truck with J-Tech’s TMA truck body
  • Mercedes Benz fully electric eSprinter van
  • J-Craft dump truck featuring new advanced technology from TBEI

Two vehicles equipped with technologies from Allison Transmission technologies, a 9-speed fully automatic transmission and eGen Power e-Axle, will also be available. Allison Transmission is the sponsor of the Ride & Drive event and will have its new experience trailer at the event for hands-on demonstrations of its various technologies.

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