The IronHorse line of motor controls can be used with AC and DC motors in a range of applications.

AutomationDirect Adds IronHorse Brand of Products for Motor Control

June 19, 2023
The IronHorse motor control devices include motor protectors, contactors and various accessories for use in a range of applications.

AutomationDirect has added a line of IronHorse branded devices to its motor control product offering. These motor control devices aid the control of AC and DC motors used in a range of applications, and are UL Listed, CE marked as well as RoHS compliant.

Products in the IronHorse line include:

  • manual motor protectors
  • contactors
  • thermal overload relays
  • various accessories.

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HMC Series Contactors

Suitable where peripheral devices are used, the HMC series contactors are beneficial for applications requiring an easy connection and a compact design. The contactors have a sealed structure to help prevent exposure to arc flash, aiding its durability. Select models are also available with electronic coils .

The contactors have a 3-pole design with built-in auxiliary contacts. They are available in seven frame sizes with various coil voltage options. The HMC contactors come with ratings from 5-300 hp (400A) at 480 V AC.

Features of the HMC series features include:

  • compact design
  • DIN rail or screw mountable (up to 150 AF )
  • overload relays can be directly mounted to contactors
  • finger-proof design
  • easy to combine with manual motor starters
  • range of accessories
  • conforms to IEC and UL standards.

HMMP Series Manual Motor Protectors

Rated up to 100A, applications for the HMMP manual motor protectors include motor, starter and phase-failure protection as well as protection of circuits and  group installations. According to the company, these manual motor protectors offer a range of ambient-temperature compensation. An array of accessories are available to provide system design flexibility.   

The HMMP manual motor protectors comply with specifications in accordance with IEC 60947-2 and IEC 60947-4-1. They are also certified to meet various global safety standards including:

  • UL508 (manual motor controller)
  • UL508 (combination motor controller type E starter)
  • CSA C22.2 N0. 14
  • GB14048. 

Key features of the HMMP series include:

  • three-position operator (on-off-trip) 
  • handle locks in the off position
  • Class 10 overload trip characteristics
  • trip test
  • finger-safe terminals
  • DIN rail or screw mounting
  • ready for IE3.

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HTOR Series Thermal Overload Relays

The HTOR series bimetal-style thermal overload relays mount directly to the HMC contactors to protect AC circuits and motors from overloads and phase failures which could damage these components. In addition, the relays also help to protect against long starting times and prolonged motor stalling.

Features of the HTOR series relays include:

  • six frame sizes are available in ratings up to 400A
  • phase-loss and current unbalance sensitivity protection
  • Class 10A trip class
  • adjustable trip current
  • temperature compensation from 23-104F (-5 to 40 C).  
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