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The PC-GO propel solution is comprised of the PC036 safety controller and pre-installed PC-GO propel system software, offering a plug and play option for propel system development.

Danfoss PC-GO Propel Solution Reduces Propel System Development Time

March 24, 2023
The PC-GO solution includes a safety controller and software with preconfigured parameters for quick and easy development of machine propel systems.

Danfoss Power Solutions developed the PC-GO propel solution for single pump/motor hydrostatic transmissions. PC-GO provides design teams with the hardware and software necessary to more easily configure machine propel systems. 

Features of the PC-GO propel solution include: 

  • validated software package     
  • PLd SIL 2 functional safety compliant
  • robust housing for use in harsh applications   
  • built-in protections for engine overspeed and more

Preconfigured Software Reduces Development Time

The PC-GO solution is designed to provide an out-of-the-box solution to help engineers quickly and easily design hydrostatic transmissions with one pump and one motor. It is comprised of Danfoss' PC036 safety controller and PC-GO propel software embedded with the necessary information to control a machine's propel system.

Instead of engineering teams developing their own propel software from the ground up — which can take years to do  they can simply plug the Danfoss solution into their machines and focus on other design aspects. Preconfigured propel system parameters in the software can be adjusted as needed, allowing engineers to customize the system to their specific machine application requirements. 

According to Danfoss, PC-GO can reduce propel subsystem development time up to 35%. Not only does this help design teams save time and money, but also helps them to bring their products to market faster. 

"PC-GO’s validated software package and preconfigured parameters enable machine startup in less than three days. Comparatively speaking, it could easily take 2 years to write a program like this from scratch," said Aaron Rodriguez, product application engineer, Danfoss Power Solutions. "Our plug-and-perform system embeds more than 30 years of experience in the automotive field so there’s practically zero development effort, which is highly beneficial to OEMs without large software engineering teams."

PC-GO works with Danfoss hydrostatic pumps and motors, and is designed to provide seamless integration for the entire propel system. 

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Software Eases Customization to Machine Requirements

Features of the propel system, such as drive modes, can easily be configured using the PC-GO solution. An included ECO mode, for instance, maintains the desired vehicle speed in transport mode while reducing engine speed explains Danfoss in its press release announcing the launch of PC-GO. This feature enables a reduction in idle losses of the work function hydraulics, lowering fuel consumption and noise, and can allow for engine downsizing. 

Several protections are built into the PC-GO solution to help ensure the safety and performance of machines. These include engine overspeed protection, pump and motor overspeed protections, mode-dependent speed limitation, cold start protection, and temperature protection. Pressure limiting, cruise control, and anti-stall, as well as robust error monitoring are also included in the software. 

The PC036 controller features integrated safety functions which help to simplify compliance with environmental and safety regulations, further aiding reductions in development time. Danfoss says the controller has been tested, validated, and documented for compliance with international safety regulations such as Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Built-in safety functions also make the entire PC-GO solution compliant with PLd SIL 2 functional safety. 

PC-GO can be used to develop propel systems for a range of mobile machines including wheel loaders, telehandlers, dump trucks, street sweepers, and forestry equipment. As such, the PC036 controller features a robust housing design to ensure durability in the harsh environments in which these machines are used. It can be mounted inside the engine compartment or in another place within a machine to keep it protected and offer OEMs installation flexibility. 

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