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Hydraulic fittings are an important component within hydraulic systems used in a range of applications.
Hydraulic Fittings & Couplings

Growth Potential Ahead for Hydraulic Fittings Market

Oct. 18, 2023
Positive market conditions for the hydraulics sector and its various customer markets will drive growth for hydraulic fittings in the coming years.
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Hydraulic systems used in aircraft play an important part in ensure safe air travel.

The Vital Role of Hydraulic Systems in Aircraft

June 20, 2023
Aircraft hydraulic systems are used for a variety of functions and play an important part in ensuring safe and efficient air travel.
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Modern technology is benefiting the design and performance of hydraulics in a range of applications.

How Modern Technology Impacts Hydraulic Systems

May 30, 2023
Incorporation of sensors, software, IoT and other modern technologies is bringing new capabilities and benefits to hydraulic systems.
The Internet of Things can provide a host of data about a manufacturing operation.

The Integration of IoT is Vital for Hydraulics

May 1, 2023
The Internet of Things can provide an array of data which can be used to improve the safety and maintenance of hydraulic systems.
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Maintaining hydraulics systems requires certain steps to follow to ensure safety.

How to Safely Maintain Hydraulic Systems

April 18, 2023
There are four key considerations which should be taken into account for safe hydraulic system maintenance.

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Moog Inc.

75 Years of Hydraulic System Designs

Nov. 17, 2023
Greater integration of electronics and communication protocols have lead to various technology advancements in the hydraulics industry.


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CNH Industrial
CNH's acquisition of Hemisphere GNSS will enable enhanced autonomous machine capabilities.

This Week in Power & Motion: Company Acquisitions Expand Market Opportunities

April 7, 2023
Sure Grip Controls, Hallite, Brennan Industries and CNH Industrial have made recent acquisitions that will expand their product portfolios, Briggs & Stratton adds automated manufacturin...