Norrhydro will show its Motiomax electromechanical cylinder featuring an electric hub motor.

IFPE 2023: New Fluid Power, Motion Control and Power Transmission Technologies

March 9, 2023
An array of hydraulic and pneumatic technologies are set to be launched at IFPE as well as advancements in motion control and power transmission solutions.

The International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE) taking place March 14-18, 2023, will provide a look at the latest advancements in hydraulic and pneumatic technologies as well as those for motion control and power transmission. 

Several companies exhibiting at IFPE have announced the various technologies they intend to showcase, which range from more traditional components and systems to those which are helping to meeting the growing trends of electrification, automation and digitization.  

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Visit our IFPE channel for more technology launch news, video interviews and more content related to one of the year's largest events dedicated to the fluid power and motion control industries.

Continental Demonstrates Next Gen Hydraulic Hoses

Continental's ContiTech group plans to show digital solutions and products designed to offer improvements in efficiency and reliability at IFPE. This will include the newly revamped thermoplastic hydraulic series which the company said now includes its X-Life abrasion-resistant covers. 

Hydraulic hoses on display at the show are designed to be compact, lightweight and available in non-conductive and twin-line versions. Several of the company's hoses are suitable for a range of applications with medium pressure hydraulic oil lines. 

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ContiTech will also debut its C-IQ mobile app for hose fabricators. The app provides crimp specs right on a person's phone, providing easy access when needed. Additionally, users can use the app to identify fitting threads as well as information on hoses and fittings. 

The company will display its Shop in a Box as well which is a complete hose assembly cell delivered in a single box. 

Learn about these and other ContiTech products at its booth #S82411.

New Omni Gearboxes Provide High Torque Transfer

Omni Powertrain Technologies is launching a new range of gearboxes designed to provide high torque transfer which are available under its Omni Solutions brand. Within this new product range are planetary drives providing torque outputs from 6,000-1,000,000 Nm. 

According to the company, it pulled together a team of skilled engineers with decades of development experience to create the high torque transfer gearboxes. Omni explained in its press release announcing the launch of the gearboxes that their design provides the highest power density for transmissible torque “inside” the boundary volume of each gearbox. 

State-of-the-art gear drive and transmission technology are utilized in the gearboxes as well to ensure they meet the requirements of the heavy-duty mobile equipment market. 

Visit Omni Powertrain Technologies at booth #S82641 in the upper level of South Hall.

HydraForce Showcasing New Software and Hydraulic Components

HydraForce will show an array of new products at its IFPE booth, many of which will be featured in its Collaboration Zone offering live demonstrations. Among these will be the latest version of the company's HF Impulse configuration software for electronic control of proportional valves as well as the most recent updates to its i-Design tool for hydraulic manifold circuits. 

Additionally technologies the company has announced it will display include: 

  • Innercept Digital Proportional Control, a patent-pending, compact proportional cartridge valve with an integrated LVDT position sensor and electronic valve driver that delivers exceptional linearity and repeatability.
  • Newly launched Tan Delta Sensor; HydraForce, Elevāt and Tan Delta Systems have joined forces to provide integrated real-time hydraulic and oil condition monitoring and management.
  • Patent-Pending Boom Lock Valve, a new electro proportional pressure control valve with an integral check that protects hydraulic systems in the event of a hose rupture or burst.
  • Servo Mechanical Precision, an enhanced EH control with a unique mechanical feedback mechanism that improves operator experience and responsiveness.
  • A range of IoT technology for mobile hydraulic equipment, including the new ERAU-6200 Remote Access Unit with Globe and Gate software powered by EPEC.
  • A new family of high-pressure, low-pressure drop hydraulic solenoid valves for low leakage blocking, directional control, and load-holding applications.

HydraForce will also host a networking reception at its booth March 16 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. 

The company can be found at booth #S80207. 

WATCH our video interview with Russ Schneidewind, Director of Business Development, HydraForce, to learn more about industry trends the company is seeing and what it looks forward to at IFPE. 

Delta-Q Technologies Debuting Battery Charger

Battery charger developer Delta-Q Technologies, part of the ZAPI GROUP, plans to show its new 3-in-1 charging solution, the XV3300, during IFPE 2023. According to Lloyd Gomm, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Delta-Q Technologies, the new battery charger will ease the transition to electrification for OEMs. 

The XV3300 is a compact and ruggedized charger with a flexible design capable of operating in harsh environments. It features an automotive-grade design with integrated AC/DC 3.3kW battery charger, a DC/DC 500W converter (to power the vehicles’ auxiliary loads), and an electric vehicle charging station interface for easy charging. 

Delta-Q's new charger is also compliant with SAE J1772 (levels 1 and 2) and IEC 61851 (modes 2 and 3), ensuring it can charge batteries using standard electric vehicle AC charging stations used in North America and Europe. 

Learn more about the new battery charger and other technologies on display at the ZAPI GROUP booth #S83517.

WATCH our video interview with Lloyd Gomm on how the company sees electrification and automation working in tandem within mobile equipment applications

Hallite Introduces New Seal and Bearing Products

Hallite has announced plans to introduce three new products at IFPE 2023 which include a range of prcision bearings and two sealing solutions. The new 565 precision bearings are designed to provide dimensional stability and radial accuracy. As such, the bearings will help to reduce radial displacement, improve seal effectiveness and extend lifespans. 

The 565 bearings are available in sustainable materials such as advanced polymers and renewably sourced nylons; they will also be available in reinforced POM for applications that operate in water-based fluids. 

Also to be introduced at IFPE is the new 777 piston seal which was actually introduced at the 2017 edition of the show. Two new features have been added, upon customer request — an expanded imperial size range for use in more applications and additional material options, including those which are more cost effective. 

This double-acting piston seal is designed for use in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. It fits most standard grooves and delivers low operating friction as well as strong abrasion resistance. 

The third new product Hallite will debut is the 683 low friction rod seal, an asymmetric single lip rod seal designed with precision trimmed sealing lips for dry sealing in light- and medium-duty applications. Hallite said this product is designed to help lower fuel consumption and emissions as well as minimize oil losses. 

Watch our video interview with Hallite to learn how industry trends like sustainability are helping drive current and future technology developments. 

Hallite can be found at booth #S82240. 

Norrhydro Exhibiting Digital Solutions

Norrhydro, a developer of hydraulic cylinders, intends to showcase its developments in digital solutions for the fluid power market at IFPE. Included in the company's digital portfolio are the NorrDigi digital hydraulic system and the Motiomox by Norrhydro, an electromechanical actuator. 

The company's NorrDigi solution has been developed in collaboration with the University of Tampere and Volvo Construction Equipment. It features an intelligent digital control system to optimize hydraulic cylinder movements, ensuring the right force and speed are applied to minimize energy use. The NorrDigi system stores energy in accumulators which directly drive four-chamber hydraulic cylinders explained the company in its pre-IFPE press release. This helps to enable energy to be recaptured in the accumulators during idle movements. 

By reducing energy used by the hydraulic cylinders, the NorrDigi system can help the machines into which it is integrated reduce its energy use, leading to fuel savings and lower emissions. 

The Motiomax products are energy-efficiency solutions which can aid with electrification. They consist of electromechanical cylinders paired with high-quality gearboxes and heavy load ball screws. The energy-efficient design provides precise movements and high forces in applications which require such features. 

Norrhydro will showcase these products, as well as host live events throughout the week explaining the benefits of its technology at its booth #S82053. 

Comer Industries and Brands to Highlight Range of Products

Comer Industries and its brands — e-comer, Walterscheid, Walterscheid Services, Mechanics Driveshafts, and Rockford Clutch — will show a range of mechatronic solutions for power transmission at IFPE. Among these products will be those for compact equipment as well as excavators and mining machinery. 

The e-comer brand will highlight an array of electric driveline solutions for compact and medium-duty machines. At the event the company will premiere a concept design which combines an electric two-speed 539-e transmission with an SMAC Series 270 liquid cooled electric motor. This concept was developed through partnership between multiple Comer brands. 

e-comer will also exhibit the TX2 Series transaxles with differential lock as well as multiple motor models. 

For large crawler excavators, Comer Industries plans to show its new PGR 11000 EXM featuring a state-of-the-art hydraulic motor. It fits 50-ton machines but can fulfill machine specifications up to 65 tons. 

See these and a wide range of other power transmission products at Comer Industries' booth #S82029. 

Bosch Rexroth to Show Hydraulics, Telematics and Automation Solutions

Bosch Rexroth is showcasing a breadth of technologies which include solutions for electric drivetrains, electronically controllable working hydraulics, future-proof telematics, and step-by-step off-highway automation. Through these products the company will demonstrate the potential for improvements in performance and efficiency as well as the ability to integrate its various products with one another. 

On display will be the company's eLION electrification platform which includes a range of high-voltage components for electrification of off-highway equipment. A newly developed single-phase onboard charger will be part of the display; with this charger the platform is compatible with charging infrastructure available in North America. 

OEM customer Broderson Manufacturing Corp. will show its first battery-electric powered machine, a carry deck crane, which is equipped with an eLION motor and inverter package. The machine will be on display in the Festival Lot at booth F9441. 

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Two new capabilities added to the company's BODAS digital portfolio will be on display as well. These include the new BODAS Connect module for secure over-the-air updates to control units. 

A portfolio of automation solutions, such as ready-to-use software modules, will also be on display at IFPE. Bosch Rexroth plans to show its CytroBox hydraulic power unit and new developments in its Hagglunds motor portfolio, suited for harsh mining and aggregates applications, as well. This includes the reveal of the Hägglunds Quantum motor range.

Visit Bosch Rexroth at booth #S80215 to learn more about these and other technologies on display.

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