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Since 1978, FÉTIS Group has grown and diversified from the distribution of engines, to generator sets and lifting equipment, to the manufacture of hydraulic systems for industry, instrumentation, integration of welding solutions, electrohydraulic solutions and systems for mobile machine manufacturers, engineering, welding, transmissions, marine propulsion systems, multi-technology service and recently the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.

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hydraulic hoses with pressure sensor
Sensors & Software

Sensors in Fluid Power Bring a Range of Design Opportunities

Feb. 12, 2024
Benefits ranging from improved precision and control to enhanced machine monitoring are possible when integrating sensors into fluid power systems.
99855914 © Sheng Zhang | Dreamstime.com
Integration of sensors and software in various types of motion control systems is bringing a range of performance benefits and automation capabilities.
Sensors & Software

Sensors and Software in Motion Control: Key Benefits to Consider

June 15, 2023
Improved performance, efficiency and automation capabilities are among the benefits offered by integrating sensors and software into motion control systems.
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Several performance benefits can be achieved when pairing sensors and software with motion control systems.
Sensors & Software

Sensors and Software Bring Performance Benefits to Motion Control Systems

May 31, 2023
Integration of sensors and software into hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic motion control systems is enabling improved controllability, efficiency and other benefits.