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Manufacturing Day offers an opportunity to spotlight the manufacturing sector and host activities to attract more people to enter the industry.

WasteExpo 2018 Marks a Half-Century Disproving Waste (.PDF Download)

March 14, 2018
WasteExpo 2018 Marks a Half-Century Disproving Waste (.PDF Download)

Over the course of the 50 years in which the WasteExpo Show and Conference has been offered, the professionals representing organizations that keep organic and inorganic materials from ending up in bodies of water and landfills have proven that everything can have multiple chances at being useful. And as the readers of Hydraulics and Pneumatics have proven for the past 70 years, their skills and technologies contribute mightily to making resource recovery and recycling easier.

Their solutions enable the crushing, tearing, shaking, and pounding forces that help separate elements from compounds for the benefit of science, manufacturing, and the environment. See our list of exhibitors for a sample of the manufacturers who make best use of fluid power in their solutions.