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IDEA! Awards: Automation & Software Category Winners

Nov. 10, 2021

Studio 5000 Design Software

Two new additions to the Studio 5000 design software allow for industrial engineers to design machines and processes more efficiently. The Simulation Interface tool transforms how users design, test, validate and commission systems using digital engineering. The tool connects a system’s controller to advanced simulation and modeling tools. Users can then simulate how products or processes with dynamic properties will behave in production. The Application Code Manager (ACM) tool allows users to automatically generate documentation for projects after creating a template and placeholders for data. The ACM also allows users to import information from architect tools, which reduces rework.

Rockwell Automation

Sitara AM2x MCU

The Sitara AM2x microcontroller portfolio combines processor-level performance with MCU design simplicity to enable real-time control, networking and analytics applications at the edge. The portfolio enables 10 times the computing capability of traditional, flash-based MCUs. The Sitara AM243x device features up to four Arm Cortex-R5F cores running up to 800 MHz each, with integrated real-time control and industrial communications to simplify factory automation. Integrated stacks support common industrial protocols and gigabit Ethernet with TSN. The on-chip security features help engineers meet encryption requirements, while functional safety mechanisms and collateral can help achieve up to SIL 3 for industrial systems.

Texas Instruments


OPTIME is an affordable and easily scalable condition monitoring system that consists of wireless, battery-powered vibration sensors, a cellular gateway and an app to visualize the resulting data. OPTIME provides 15,000 unique measurements per sensor per year to deliver advance warning of potential damage to machines such as electric motors, fans and pumps. OPTIME’s sensors, which install in just minutes, can be put into operation without any prior condition monitoring expertise. OPTIME captures six different vibration measurements plus temperature at preset intervals, thereby adding value to the customer by providing timely information on machine condition status to avoid unplanned outages.

Schaeffler Group USA Inc.

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